HOUSE OF MUSIC  | Type: Open Competition | Location: Liget Budapest | Year: 2014 | Collaborators: Mark Balzar, Miklos Deri

The proposal for the new building hosting the House of Hungarian Music is understood as a typology closely related to the ideas and functions of historic park pavilions, establishing various exciting relationships with its immediate surroundings. Park pavilions are historically, destinations related to leisure and music of the bourgeois, hosting public and institutional events and functions. In a similar manner our building proposal is permeable and porous within the existing park, and open for various routes of cross circulation. A three dimensional landscape commencing in the park is continued as event and exhibition spaces troughout the building. The immediate landscape is pulled through and onto the facades of the building picking up functions and giving opportunities for civic informal events and  outside ot the realm of the actual museum. The building merges with the landscape functionally, and becomes a stage - a catalyst for cultural music events, effecting its immediate neighborhood and the city in large. The dynamic and functional expression of the building with its versatile edges and dynamic  facade, its cantilevers, its nested narrative spaces reflects on the qualities inherent and found in classical music.

We intend to reflect Hungarian rich musical history with its famous composers in a new building that respects its environment, creates flexible and articulate interior spatiality, and enriches public life in unprecedented ways.

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