STUDIO GREG LYNN is focused on the development of a new aesthetic that addresses the entire spectrum of architectural performance. Because this work is an investigation into fields that are not yet completely known, the studio maintains an awareness of a greater cultural context. Design work is done in a dialogue between historical and contemporary architectural precedents, as well as a continuous exchange with other disciplines like industrial design, fashion, music and film.

The aesthetic of the studio shifts architecture from a modernist paradigm of identical, modular elements that emerged in the context of mechanization, toward compositions of varying, complexly-linked individual elements. The premise of this new aesthetic is the development of a new design sensibility and a conceptual understanding of architecture in relation to alligned cultural practices, an expertise in rhythmic, soft forms and patterns that have been made possible through the use of computers and calculus-based geometry. Recent developments have shifted the attention from phenomenological paradigms of movement and motion to their literal understanding and exploration. Architecture moves!

The work of the studio is done in reference not only to the professional work of Greg Lynn and his office Greg Lynn Form, but in relation to progressive forces in architecture, design, art and other cultural fields.

Bence acts as an Assistant Professor for Studio Lynn since 2012, ongoing…

Image © Studio Lynn | Diploma : Martina Lesjak

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