HELLO WOOD | Invited Workshops | Year: 2014 / 2013 /2012 | Collaboration: Oliver Sales

Hello Wood is an international art program based in Budapest, Hungary. The work integrates various fields of art, design and science. The main activities of Hello Wood are the international art camp every summer,  the architecture and design studio and the research program. The mostly known event is the one week art camp held every summer, where all the participants gain their unique professional experience and access real intellectual contents, by working and creating together. The research camp invites experts of different fields highlighting problems that are otherwise hard to notice or to present, with the help of collective thinking and approach - as well as the mutual exchange of knowledge. Hello Wood is also an achitecture and design studio, organizing projects and events defined by openness, experimenting, social sensitivity, innovation and development.


Participating Students:

Percz Gábor, Flórián Dávid, Petrányi Luca, Weichinger Sári, Tóth Alma, Christian Daschek, Medveczky Dóri, Ulrich Sára, Salgó Eszter, Németh  Paula, Fogarassy Ádám, Lengyel    Nóra, Sas    Maxim, Butnariu Lucia Elvira, Fabian Zsofia, Eva Strocholcova, Filip Sudolsky, Marta Jagielska, Ákos Karóczkai


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