ESSENCE EXHIBITION DESIGN | University of Applied Arts | Künstlerhaus Vienna |  2014 | Collaborators: Maja Ozvaldic, Parsa Khalili, Martin Murero, Diana Geissler

The Composite Fracture is an exhibition designed by Studio Greg Lynn which uses an architectural construct to re-assemble and re-present the work produced in the Institute of Architecture. One quadrant of the space contains a fractured, yet continuous, reflective surface which aims to disrupt the otherwise classically organized procession through the museum and both become a totalizing environment unto itself, but also recompose the showcase of work around it. The project causes a mise en abîme which challenges the relationship between referent and reference. The instability produced juxtaposes spectator with content, where fragments of drawings, models, and videos remain disjunctive yet unified in the continuous variation of the surface.

 The highlight of the academic year at the Angewandte is the annual exhibition named The Essence. It showcases the origins, development, and processes of selected individual and group projects across all departments from the preceding winter and summer semesters. The show represents the various institutions as extraordinary idea workshops with their own unique profiles, in exemplary fashion. In collaboration, curators organize together with lecturers and students an exhibition of the most intriguing projects from the departments of Architecture, Industrial Design, Fine Arts, Stage Design, Design, Conservation and Restoration, Media Art, and Language Art, staging them in a prominent museum context in Vienna.

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