SPACE EXPLORATION MUSEUM, Jiangmen China | Type: Commission | Year: 2018 – schematic design phase | Client: confidential l Collaborator / Local Architect: design trademark, Bejing

The museum geometrically defined as an infinite number of points all with an equal distance to a void center – hence the definition of a sphere or a donut - according the Edmund Husserl’s “On the origins of Geometry”.  

The museum for exhibiting the achievements of Chinese Space exploration throughout the last 100 years looks at space travel and the universe as a whole. Aiming to imagine spatial continuity and the idea of infinity and space time warping the museum in its massing is an omnidirectional figure sitting in the landscape. By eliminating architectural elements and notations related to conventions of levels and strata and looking at a self-enclosed figure – the museum clearly communicates qualities of outer space and space travel itself. Infinity and beyond.

The organization and experience of visitors starts with an enormous spiraling staircase taking passengers from GF level to the upper 5 Levels with various exhibitions, cinemas and amenities and closes as a loop again on the opposite GF level side. Orientation is based on disorientation and no reference to a “horizon” of the exterior is given. Only glimpses of the building itself through a patterned invards looking façade creates points of reference and orientation.  The experience becomes a travel in space itself.

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