OMV EAGE VIENNA| Type: Commission | Year: 2016 | Client: OMV | Contractor: MAC | Lighting Consultant: LED Consult

The project aims to invent a new presence for the oil company OMV within a fair for geology in Vienna. By using the maximal height to build and raising a 7m high back wall the project becomes not only present among the field of stands but also helps to navigate within the vast halls of the exhibition and becomes an intuitive meeting point. Its frame hovering at mid-level generates a welcoming gesture and horizontally divides the project, creating a more human scale entrance to the actual stand. In plan simple steps are used to differentiate various functional zones. Continuous light ribbons are inserted to re-emphasize geometrical boundaries and illuminate steps.  Three individually designed stands relate to aggregation and mechanisms of stone formation, and the forces acting upon them over time.

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